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Dependancy Vs Autonomy



If the path of your life has potholes, there is a chance that they could fill up with the rain of dependancy. Any harmful dependancy can enter your life if you allow it to take place. Fill up that space with healthy matter and it won’t!

Waskaquébec defines dependancy as “inadequate, auto-prescribed medication for pain caused by stress of overthinking your empty spaces”. Obviously, this is a cartoonish way to say that you numb the pain caused by your anxiety. Dependancy takes many shapes: drugs, alcohol, music, pornography, gaming, extreme sports, violence, politics, videos, collecting, running, escaping, religion, sects, eating… It is not what you do that defines your dependancy. It is why, how and how much you do it.

Autonomy is healthy, solid matter that fills up the potholes of your lifepath. If they’re filled up, the rain of dependancy has no place to go.

Numerous non-profit associations work at fighting dependancy. Imagine all these people with umbrellas trying to prevent rain filling up the million potholes in our streets. Ha! Ha! Wouldn’t it more productive to have these wonderful volunteers fill the holes with asphalt? Wouldn’t it be more sustainable? That is what Waskaquébec thinks too.

Learning autonomy is filling up the potholes in your life in a sustainable way. The chemistry of your body will easily and quickly adjust to that. And – thanks to this wonderful experiential method – your reflexes will readily become autonomy-oriented. That is how the brain works. Grey matter likes what rewards you with pleasure and it is quite pleasurable to be happy and prosperous. The brain always chooses the buttons that make the candy come down.

How does Waskaquébec know all that? Three full decades of making its members happy and prosperous. And autonomous. Day after day, one day at a time. Come and see for yourself.

Jean-François Néron
General Manager and Guide-mentor at
Waska, autonomie et services techniques communautaires

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