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Mentoring and coaching are fundamental elements of Waskaquébec‘s apprenticeship programme Access Your Prosperity. Acquiring techniques and soft skills simultaneously through experientiel learning brought the enterprise to find a properly descriptive name for it: “Apprenticeship-mentorship”.

Access Your Prosperity is a business immersion programme for individuals who need to find a more appropriate source of revenues in order to cover basic life expenses and achieve work/life balance.

Apprenticeship, coaching and mentoring are integrated in every aspect of the members’ experience throughout the programme. Members integrate different committees and workgroups designed to replicate real-life workplaces. They perform actual tasks, assisted by a guide-mentor. Simultaneous training and mentoring allows for more sustainable learning.

Most participants of more traditional programmes fail soon after their completion because they do not master necessary skills and they have not properly integrated the “network”. Apprentices need to live the experience in the real world for them to launch professionally.

Access Your Prosperity provides this real-life experience, in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Members are encouraged by peers and can readily build both social and professional networks while learning.


Jean-François Néron
General Manager and Guide-mentor at
Waska, autonomie et services techniques communautaires

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