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Helping individuals accessing prosperity

@ubp_org is a social economy enterprise (non-profit organization) offering a programme to individuals who wish to access prosperity. This is why it is called “Access Your Prosperity”!

What is prosperity, anyway?

We define prosperity as “living comfortably, being in control of one’s own destiny and earning enough money to cover all expenses of daily life”. Also, we add “living with a peaceful mind, enjoying life without any fear of losing one’s shirt all the time!”.

As you can see, prosperity is not only about money. It’s also a matter of feeling good about life.

When we founded in 2007, we designed it to offer its members concrete solutions, helping them truly accessing real, sustainable prosperity. Like something where members can really change their situations for the better, once and for all! Furthermore, pursues the mission of the Waska Movement: the endeavours must be auto-financing. So… doesn’t get a cent from government funding. Nor from any charity!

Who pays, then? The social economy enterprise sells top quality services to contributing members, professionals and businesspeople who gladly invest in building prosperity. Doing so, these contributing members give socio-economic power to their peers in the community who experience financial difficulties. Doing so, these professionals and these businesspeople benefit from top-of-the-line administrative assistance in performing tasks that require special skills and technical knowledge! Upscale geek squad!!!

You see? makes everyone happy and helps reduce Québecers’ tax burden!

caffe roma table et ecranSo… The member who decides to participate in the “Access Your Prosperity” programme is greeted by a friendly guide-mentor, in a warm atmosphere at Caffè Roma. That’s an Italian café on the ever-so-romantic St. Joseph Street East in Québec City. The member is assisted by the guide-mentor in actually progressing to a well-paying job or founding a micro-enterprise. There is nothing more motivating than learning hands-on, in the actual environment. We also call it an apprenticeship.

This very happy member also benefits, without paying a penny in money, from top notch technical assistance, experiential learning workshops, learning assistance and technical resources. Instead of impoverishing himself by giving away money he barely owns, the member signs an agreement with called SWAP. The time he invests in helping’s endeavours becomes his ticket to acquiring the tools to build his prosperity. Nifty, eh?

The organization receives precious help from its partners who contribute to its building of prosperity. The member can really hope for attractive job offers, business opportunities and getting diplomas needed to progress professionally. He benefits from’s huge network of business and community connections.

Step into prosperous reality now. Become a member here.

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