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Recipe for Prosperous Vacations


What a title for a blog article! Indeed! I define prosperity as being the “ability to succeed at being comfortable”.

Yes, it is possible to spend comfortable, “prosperity-generating” vacation time. These last two years, I’ve been casually monitoring my own vacation weeks, scattered all over the year.


To rest and feel free to be disheveled.

Right now, I’m beginning my fourth day of a vacation week. My next one starts January 27. As I am not in the first five seniors in my department, I could not benefit from first choice when it came to picking two consecutive weeks of rest. I had to settle for two separate bunches of five days. But, hey! I am not sad at all and so won’t you! As a matter of fact, it gives me the opportunity to concoct for you the recipe for prosperous, restorative vacations.

I’m not the only freak who feels the need to occupy his mind when he’s off work. However, I already feel a lot more relaxed than what I was just a week ago. These last three or four months have proved* demanding for me: a very trying union negociation session, heaps of work on‘s business plan, family business, housework, etc. Oh! I forgot studies in between. Whew! I so need to click the “pause” button.

Not all people feel the same about what’s rest and what’s not. Obviously, this is very personal. In order for me to work up a recipe that’s good enough to publish, I need to determine all common determinators. In the end, we’re all humans.

I’ll share with you my case as an example:

  • get to do all that piles up at home – and on my conscience – that I never get to do;
  • visit or communicate with all the people to whom I should have given news;
  • implement in my daily concrete life all my resolutions and set them on perpetual motion;
  • not be in a hurry!
  • make healthy lunches in advance;
  • perform house cleaning – at least where it’s stressing me the most;
  • allow myself to be distracted;
  • read on my own terms all the books that pile up on my coffee table;
  • finally have things sorted out in all the computers, DVDs and CDs at home;
  • give some relaxed time to my humanitarian endeavours ( and union tasks for my colleagues);
  • and – above all – spend quality time with my oh-so-lovely children!

The equilibrium constant here seems to evolve around “simply setting the score with what hurts you and prevents you from being prosperous, from being comfortable”. Nevertheless, there are other issues to consider. Now, this recipe must produce sustainable results. That’s what my team and I keep on working on.

This magical recipe, I keep for the lucky ones who join in‘s Access Your Prosperity Programme 😉 So… Join in! Come and join us at Caffè Roma, on Québec City’s very romantic St. Joseph Street East.

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